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Wayra – Collection (1998-2016) (19CD) [Native American Flute]


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In Quechua, one of the traditional native languages of the Incan culture, Wayra is the word for Wind.
Since 1989, Jaime Rodriguez (Wayra) has enjoyed an extensive performance and recording career as the founder of the traditional Incan music bands Llaqtaymanta and Inca Pacha. The exotic sounds of traditional Incan music can be dated back as many as five hundred years, representing one of the most well preserved forms of Native American culture.
Wayra - Collection (1998-2016) (19CD) [Native American Flute]
Wayra – Collection (1998-2016) (19CD) [Native American Flute]
Llaqtaymanta toured throughout Europe presenting the music of the Andes to appreciative audiences. Adapting some western influences, Wayra formed Inca Pacha, a group blending the stories of the ancient culture of the Andes mountains with contemporary arrangements.
Inca Pacha’s two US releases (The World Of The Andes, and Spirit Winds) feature the traditional instruments of Wayra’s homeland, in the musical styles of carnival, cancion, tonada, and san juanito.
The enthusiasm generated by Wayra’s live performances throughout the United States and Canada has resulted in Wayra’s first solo release “Wayra – A Collection of Contemporary and Native American Themes”.


As a solo artist, Wayra is the consumate performer – vibrant and personable, his musical arrangements reflect his expertise and energy. Traditional songs are given new life and contemporary songs acquire the timeless sensations of the mystical pan pipes, flute, and natural effects in this romantic collection by Wayra.
Wayra is performing live at festivals throughout the Northeastern and Southern US and Canada.
Wayra - Collection (1998-2016) (19CD) [Native American Flute]
Wayra – Collection (1998-2016) (19CD) [Native American Flute]

1998 – Wayra – The Wolf Dance
2000 – Wayra – Songs Of Peace And Love
2000 – Wayra – Great Eagle Flying With The Wind
2001 – Wayra – A Collection Of Contemporary & Native American Themes
2001 – Wayra – A Collection Of Contemporary & Native American Themes Vol.2
2001 – Wayra – A Collection Of Contemporary & Native American Themes Vol.3
2001 – Wayra – Melodies Of The Heart
2003 – Wayra – Voices Of The Wind
2004 – Wayra – River Songs
2005 – Wayra – Dreams Of The Wind
2005 – Wayra – Earth Spirit
2005 – Wayra – Contemporary Native American, Faith & Worship Instrumental Flute Music
2007 – Wayra – Melodías Instrumentales Del Orgullo Hispano Vol II
2007 – Wayra – Meditation 3
2008 – Wayra – Feelings
2009 – Wayra – The Best Of Wayrа Vol.1
2009 – Wayra – The Best Of Wayrа Vol.2
2012 – Wayra – North And South Native American Music Vol.2
2016 – Wayra – Tierras Sagradas


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