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The Shadows – Collection (1961-2009) (43CD) [Instrumental Rock, Electric Guitar]


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The Shadows were the fore-runners of the guitar bands of the British pop scene of the swinging sixties. They began as the Drifters in the late fifties but changed the name to the Shadows to avoid confusion with an American group with the same name.

Original members were Hank Marvin (lead guitar), Bruce Welch (rhythm guitar), Jet Harris (bass guitar) and Tony Meehan (drums).
The Shadows initially provided the musical backing for Cliff Richard in the very popular “Cliff Richard Show”.
They became stars in their own right when their recording “Apache” hit the No. 1 spot of the British chart in 1960 and remained there for several weeks. This was followed by a string of No. 1 hits including “KonTiki”, “Atlantis”, “Wonderful Land”, “Foot Tapper” and “Dance On”.

The Shadows - Collection (1961-2009) (43CD) [Instrumental Rock, Electric Guitar]
The Shadows – Collection (1961-2009) (43CD) [Instrumental Rock, Electric Guitar]

Not satisfied with being just backing musicians, drummer Tony Meehan and bass guitarist Jet Harris left to strike out on their own. They were replaced by drummer Brian Bennett and bass guitarist Brian Locking. Harris & Meehan managed to hit the No. 1 spot with “Diamonds” which had the distinction of being the only bass guitar solo piece to enter the British charts. Success was limited and they faded away soon after. The impact of the Shadows on the British pop scene of the sixties can only be described as historic. Their trademark was the unique sound of Hank Marvin’s lead guitar.

With the passage of time, their brand of music gradually faded in popularity. In 1968 The Shadows disbanded leaving behind a legacy all guitar music lovers will forever appreciate. Hank and Bruce continued playing by co-opting other musicians and there were occasional reunions with Jet and Tony.
Besides music albums the Shadows also appeared in most of Cliff Richard’s movies, most of which were light hearted comedies with a musical theme.

Tragedy struck former Shadows twice. In Nov. 1973, John Rostill, (who had replaced Brian Locking), was accidentally electrocuted by his own electric guitar. Unknown to most people was John’s talent as a composer. He wrote “Please Mr. Please” and “Let Me Be There” which although ignored by singers in UK, became hits when recorded by Olivia Newton John.

Founder member and original drummer, Tony Meehan, who played with the Shadows from 1958 to 1961, died from head injuries due to a fall in Nov. 2005 at age 62. Tony was featured in the Shadow’s “Apache”, “Man of Mystery”, “FBI”, “The Savage” and others. He was also the drummer in Cliff Richard’s “Living Doll”, “Please Don’t Tease”, “Travellin’ Light” and “I Love You”.  (

The Shadows - Collection (1961-2009) (43CD) [Instrumental Rock, Electric Guitar]
The Shadows – Collection (1961-2009) (43CD) [Instrumental Rock, Electric Guitar]

1961 – The Shadows [FLAC]
1962 – Out of the Shadows [FLAC]
1964-1965 – DWTS & TSOTS [FLAC]
1964 – Dance With The Shadows [FLAC]
1965 – The Sound Of The Shadows [FLAC]
1966 – Shadow Music [FLAC]
1967 – From Hank Bruce Brian & John [FLAC]
1967 – Jigsaw [FLAC]
1970 – Shades Of Rock [FLAC]
1973 – Rockin’ With Curley Leads [FLAC]
1975-1977 – Specs Appeal & Tasty (2CD) [FLAC]
1979 – String Of Hits [FLAC]
1980 – Change of Address [FLAC]
1981 – Hits Right Up Your Street [FLAC]
1983 – XXV [FLAC]
1984 – Guardian Angel [FLAC]
1986 – Moonlight Shadows [FLAC]
1987 – Simply Shadows [FLAC]
1989 – At Their Very Best [FLAC]
1989 – Steppin’ To The Shadows [FLAC]
1989 – Diamonds [FLAC]
1990 – Greatest Hits (2CD) [FLAC]
1991 – Themes & Dreams [APE]
1993 – Dreamtime [FLAC]
1995 – Complete Singles As & Bs 1959-1980 (4СD) [FLAC]
1995 – Grand Collection (The Shadows & The Ventures) [APE]
1998 – Good Vibrations (3CD) [FLAC]
2000 – 50 Golden Greats (2CD) [APE]
2001 – Legendary Masters [FLAC]
2004 – The Shadows Greatest Hits [APE]
2005 – Memories 36 Guitar Moods (2CD) [FLAC]
2009 – The Best World Instrumental Hits (2CD) [APE]

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