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Sarah Brightman – Collection (1988-2009) [47CD] [Classical Crossover/Operatic Pop]


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Sarah Brightman (born 14 August 1960) is an English classical crossover soprano, actress, songwriter and dancer. She began her career as a member of the dance troupe Hot Gossip and released several disco singles as a solo performer. In 1981, she made her musical theatre debut in Cats and met composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, whom she married. She went on to star in several Broadway musicals, including The Phantom of the Opera, where she played the role of Christine Daaé. The Original London Cast Album of the musical was released in CD format in 1987 and sold over 40 million copies worldwide, making it the biggest-selling cast album of all time.
After retiring from the stage and divorcing Lloyd Webber, Brightman resumed her music career with former Enigma producer Frank Peterson, this time as a classical crossover artist. She is among the most prominent performers in the genre, with worldwide sales of more than 30 million records and 2 million DVDs. The Recording Industry Association of America has named her the best-selling female classical artist of the twenty-first century in the United States.
She has now collected over 180 gold and platinum sales awards in 38 different countries…  (Wikipedia)
Sarah Brightman - Collection (1988-2009) [47CD] [Classical Crossover/Operatic Pop]
Sarah Brightman – Collection (1988-2009) [47CD] [Classical Crossover/Operatic Pop]

Albums [37CDs]:
1988 – The Trees They Grow So High (Remastered 1998)
1989 – The Songs That Got Away [FLAC]
1990 – As I Came Of Age
1993 – Dive
1995 – Surrender: The Unexpected Songs (with Andrew Lloyd Webber) [FLAC]
1996 – Fly (1996 Re-Issue)
1997 – Time To Say Goodbye (SACD) [FLAC]
1997 – The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection [FLAC]
1998 – Eden (Japanese)
1999 – Eden & Time To Say Goodbye (Millenium 2 CD Edition, Russia)
2000 – Eden (Limited Millenium Edition) [FLAC]
2000 – La Luna (USA)
2000 – Golden Collection (2CD)
2001 – Diva Dance [Libertine Records] [FLAC]
2001 – The Very Best Of 1990-2000
2002 – Encore [FLAC]
2003 – Harem (Japanese Limited Deluxe Edition)
2003 – Harem (Ultimate Edition, Japanese)
2004 – The Harem Tour (Limited Edition) [FLAC]
2004 – The Harem World Tour: Live from Las Vegas [ISO.WV]
2005 – The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection 2 – Love Changes Everything [FLAC]
2006 – Fly (Japan Release) [FLAC]
2006 – Classics – The Best of (Hong Kong Edition)
2008 – Classic Performance Live [FLAC]
2008 – Symphony (EU Edition)
2008 – Greatest Hits (2CD)
2008 – A Winter Symphony (Japanese Limited Deluxe Edition)
2008 – A Winter Symphony (2CD) (China Version) [FLAC]
2009 – Symphony – Live In Vienna (DVD+CD Edition, Japan)
2009 – Amalfi (Love Songs) [Japan only]
2009 – Bella Voce [FLAC]
2009 – Sarah Brightman (2CD Edition) [FLAC]

Sarah Brightman - Collection (1988-2009) [47CD] [Classical Crossover/Operatic Pop]
Sarah Brightman – Collection (1988-2009) [47CD] [Classical Crossover/Operatic Pop]

Singles [10CDs]:
1995 – A Question Of Honour (Maxi Single)
1996 – Time To Say Goodbye (with Andrea Bocelli) (Maxi Single)
1997 – Who Wants To Live Forever (UK CDM)
2001 – A Whinter Shade of Pale / A Question of Honour (USA CDM)
2003 – Harem – Remixes (Promo CD)
2003 – Harem – Remixes (USA CDM)
1997 – Just Show Me How To Love You
1998 – There For Me [FLAC]
2006 – Diva: The Singles Collection
2008 – I Will Be With You (Japan, EP)

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