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Princess – Collection (2002-2008) (5CD) [Violin, Classical Crossover]


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Princess – Consisting of three remarkably attractive and talented young ladies, the violin trio performs in crossover style blending classical music with contemporary modern elements. Their modern adaptations of catchy and melodious songs, familiar and favorite with most of us, rightly made them famous overnight. All three artists have long and serious classical music educational background, all having graduated from the School of Music, Budapest.
Princesses of Violin have appeared in several TV shows both in Hungary and abroad. Only within a year from their formation, they made their media debut in Germany performing for ARD’s program in 2002, which appearance was followed by extensive tours in the Netherlands and Italy. Later they garnered huge successes outside the continent as well, notably in the United Arab Emirates, the Far East and Mexico.

Princess - Collection (2002-2008) (5CD) [Violin, Classical Crossover]
Princess – Collection (2002-2008) (5CD) [Violin, Classical Crossover]
Princess - Collection (2002-2008) (5CD) [Violin, Classical Crossover]
Princess – Collection (2002-2008) (5CD) [Violin, Classical Crossover]

Due to their high quality performances and musical interpretations, the band has become a well sought-after entertainment group for international conferences, diplomatic events and large-scale exhibitions, where they represent both themselves and their native country, Hungary.
The band has been awarded with several prestigious musical awards. Recently the band has been awarded in pop music category with a prestigious award, the 2nd Persian Golden Lioness Award founded by Mr. Mustafa Dorbayani. Among their domestic awards and recognitions, Arany Zsiráf Award can be highlighted here, which they were awarded with in 2002.
Apart from being compilations of real musical hits, the albums by the Princesses have managed to achieve golden and platinum status several times; altogether the group has already sold more than 150,000 albums… (Lightmedia)

Princess – Princesses Of Violin (A Hegedu Hercegnoi) (2002)
01. Johannes Brahms : Hungarian Dance No.5
02. Vittorio Monti : Czardas (Intro)
03. Vittorio Monti : Czardas
04. Molnar Laszio Hollo Jozsef: Enigma
05. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : Turkish March
06. Hollo Jozsef : Irish Coast
07. Liszt Ferenc : Hungarian Rhapsody No.2
08. Johannes Brahms : Hungarian Dance No.1
09. Hollo Jozsef : Secrets
10. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : A Little Night Music
11. Hollo Jozsef : Huza vona (Ts Arpeggios)
12. Hollo Jozsef : Matters of the Heart
13. Johannes Brahms,Hollo Jozsef,Molnar Laszlo : Hungarian Dance No.5. Princess Clubmix

Princess – Violin Magic (Hegeduvarazs) (2003)
01. 6. Magyar tánc
02. Abu Dhabi
03. Carmen nyitány
04. Veszélyes tangó
05. Hegykirály barlangjában
06. V. szimfónia – funky mix
07. Tavaszi hajnal
08. Vihar (Négy évszak)
09. Kán-kán
10. Szerelmes szultán
11. Oázis
12. Bandinerie (H-moll szvit)
13. Életút (karma)
14. Budapest tangó
15. Que Rico El Mambo ‘Mambo-Jambo

Princess – Violin Dances (Tancok buvoleteben) (2004)
01. Palotás
02. Latin Szenvedély
03. Kék Duna Kering’o
04. Tangó Mindenek felett
05. T’uztánc
06. Angyalok kering’oje
07. Tere-fere polka
08. Zorba
09. Spanyol Cigánytánc
10. Hárem
11. Rókatánc
12. Vadnyugati utazás
13. Megamix

Princess – Mediterran (2006)
01. Die Hochzeit des Figaro – Ouverture
02. Viva Espana
03. Italienisches Medley – Azzuro – Volare – Quando Quando
04. Spanischer Tanz
05. Brasil
06. Intro Por Una Cabeza
07. Por Una Cabeza
08. Wilhelm Tell – Ouverture
09. La Traviata – Brindisi Duett
10. Besame Mucho
11. Der Barbier von Sevilla
12. Rigoletto – La Donna é Mobile
13. Neapolitanisches Medley – Erinnerung an Sorrento – O Sole Mio – Funiculi Funicula
14. Schwerttanz
15. Bahrein

Princess – Best Of Princess (2008)
01. Magyar táncok No. 5
02. Monti csárdás (intro)
03. Monti csárdás
04. Török induló
05. Magyar táncok No. 1
06. Carmen nyitány
07. Kán-kán
08. Hegykirály barlangjában
09. Que rico el mambo ‘mambo – jambo’
10. Palotás (a Hunyadi László c. operából)
11. Kék Duna keringő
12. Zorba
13. Tere-fere polka
14. Figaro házassága: nyitány
15. Viva Espana
16. Tell Vilmos: nyitány
17. Besame Mucho
18. Nápolyi mix: Sorrento-i emlék, O sole mio, Funiculi funicula
19. Nászinduló
20. Tűzszekerek – Chariots Of Fire
21. Gyertyafény keringő – Old Lang Syne




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