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Music Gate Studio – Music & Poetry (心灵音乐诗系列) (1994-1999) [8CD] [New Age]


Mô tả

The Music Gate is a group that specializes in uniting Eastern musical styles with Western musical arrangements. Their works present diverse musical features, such as classical, new age, jazz, and modern flavors. In this series the music combines the beauty of poetry with the introduction of a new Chinese music style and the moving melody penetrates into the depth of the heart and leaves a moment of joy. (Windmusic)

製作人 : Music Gate工作室
製作群 : 作曲:范宗沛、林海|演出:范宗沛、林海
發行日期 : 1994年-1999年


Music Gate Studio - Music & Poetry (心灵音乐诗系列) (1994-1999) [8CD] [New Age]
Music Gate Studio – Music & Poetry (心灵音乐诗系列) (1994-1999) [8CD] [New Age]
Music Gate Studio - Music & Poetry (心灵音乐诗系列) (1994-1999) [8CD] [New Age]
Music Gate Studio – Music & Poetry (心灵音乐诗系列) (1994-1999) [8CD] [New Age]

Music & Poetry 1 – The Spirit Of Fragrance (清香落) (1994) [APE]

This album, ‘The Spirit of Fragrance,’ combines the beauty of music with the significance of poetry and introduces a new Chinese music style. It includes many epigrammatic expressions of inner experience.

1 清香落 Thanh Hương Lạc
The Spirit Of Fragrance
2 空山空 Không San Không
3 好闲风 Hảo Gian Phong
Getting Hold Of Wind
4 浅云来 Thiển Vân Lai
Clouds Drift By
5 掬水 Cúc Thủy
The Mirror Deep Inside
6 指月 Chỉ Nguyệt
Moon Flower
7 衔花 Hàm Hoa
Pilot Of Life
8 翦石 Tiễn Thạch
Jian Shi (The Unknown)

Music & Poetry 2 – Joyful Moment (含笑) (1995) [APE]

Joyful Moment is another work of the Chinese New Age music, presented by Music Gate. The conversation between the piano and synthesizer emits a fascinating and gratifying charm. The moving melody penetrates into the depth of the heart and leaves a moment of joy.

01 含笑 Smile
Hàm Tiếu
02 顏色 Color
Nhan Sắc
03 尋味 The Flavor Of Life
Tầm Vị
04 好雪 Warm Snow
Hảo Tuyết
05 水踏 Water Knitting
Thủy Đạp
06 新涼 New Inspiration
Tân Lương
07 紅釀 Red Vintage
Hồng Nhưỡng
08 出岫 Freedom
Xuất Tụ

Music & Poetry 3 – Seasonable Rain (去做人間雨) (1995) [APE]

Seasonable Rain is an album of the Chinese new age music. The music of the piano and synthesizer gives a new experience of peace and serenity. Like the seasonable rain, it moistens the droughty soul and resonates with the harmony of the inner world.

1 去做人間雨 Khứ Tố Nhân Gian Vũ
Seasonable Rain
2 來看閑花 Lai Khán Nhàn Hoa
Carefree Flowers
Bonus Tracks:
1 高山流水 High Mountain And Floating Water
2 孤独 Gu Du
3 春光美 Beautiful Spring Scenery
4 你的眼神 You Look In The Eyes
5 月亮代表我的心 The Moon Represents My Heart
6 未来 Wei Lai

Music & Poetry 4 – Longing (相望) (1996) [APE]
1 相望 Tương Vọng
Xiāng Wàng
2 笑晕 Tiếu Vựng
Xiào Yun
3 晨歌 Thần Ca
Chén Ge
4 潺潺 Sàn Sàn
Chán Chán
5 听河 Thính Hà
Ting Hé
6 回声 Hồi Thanh
Huí Sheng
7 繁华 Phồn Hoa
Fán Huá
8 梦城 Mộng Thành
Mèng Chéng
9 如洗 Như Tẩy
Rú Xĭ

Music & Poetry 5 – Wings Of Dream (素颜鸽) (1996) [APE]

“Wings Of Dream” it is music for dreamers awake or asleep. Hear the dialogues between the cello and synthesizer. Enjoy sounds of Chinese New Age Music!

1 春帷 Xuân Duy
Screens Of Spring
2 素颜鸽 Tố Nhan Cáp
Wings Of Dream
3 透明书 Thấu Minh Thư
Transparent Pages
4 低歌 Đê Ca
Soft Whispers
5 玫瑰花沫 Mân Côi Hoa Mạt
A Rose Pedal
6 归燕 Quy Yến
A Return Swallow

Music & Poetry 6 – Dancing Flowers (花舞) (1997) [APE]

Dancing Flowers blends the beauty of music with the significance of poetry. It introduces you with music of the Chinese new age style. The melodies of this album lead into your own imaginary visualization. It is a season of buoyant blossoms with dancing flowers. Every note on this collection seems to sing with an open hearted beauty.

1 如梦令 Như Mộng Lệnh
Dreamy Flight
2 花舞 Hoa Vũ
Dancing Flowers
3 青春宴 Thanh Xuân Yến
Youthful Banquet
4 岛屿的黄昏 Đảo Tự Đích Hoàng Hôn
Sunset On The Island
5 千帆 Thiên Phàm
A Thousand Sails
6 下午四点的漫步 Hạ Ngọ Tứ Điểm Đích Mạn Bộ
Afternoon Walk
7 月来海上 Nguyệt Lai Hải Thượng
Moon Above The Sea
8 未央 Vị Ương
Unceasing Snow

Music & Poetry 7 – The Dance Of Cherry Blossoms (櫻花雨) (1998) [APE]

A true story, Dwelling alone on top of the highest mountain A man had planted six hundred mountain cherries. a year a hundred. His mission is to fill this mountain pinnacle with cherry blossoms. He wishes to be together with the elements of Nature, whether it be rain or wind or sunshine. Use this album as a spiritual purge. Listen to it. Talk to it. There you will find somewhere in your heart a comforting echo.

1-櫻花雨 The Dance of Cherry Blossoms
2-冬陽 The Winter Sun
3-迷 Getting Lost
4-青草坡 The Slope of Green Grass
5-回音石 Echoing Stone
6-畫樓上 On The Pictorial Floor
7-茶涼了 The Tea Turns Cold
8-冬風中的金黃 The Flaxseed Blooms

Music & Poetry 8 – The Sea Of Seven Stars (七星海) (1999) [APE]

Somewhere in the East, there was the legendary Sea of Seven Stars. At the certain night when the moon was off, the constellation of Polestar would appear dazzling so close to almost touch the cliff, luring the sea to rise, to burn and to sing. The rhythm of the waves had attracted people to make seven wishes there for it is said that each of them did come true in time.

01.七星海 The Sea Of Seven Stars
02.流星雨 The Rain Of Shooting Stars
03.别离 Departure
04.花非花 Like A Flower But Is Not
05.传说中的歌 Song In The Legend
06.木棉花 The Flowers Of Man
07.碎雪 Snow Breath
08.梔子香之后 After The Gardenia Fragrance
09.青丝 Blue Hair


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