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Music for Health Mind and Body (身心灵健康音乐系列) (2001-2004) (5CD) [New Age]


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TCD-3166 – Wang Xu-dong – Acupuncture For Mind (心灵针炎) (2001)

This album is both Chinese New Age music and a natural medicine. Adopting Chinese acupuncture principles, the gifted musicians create therapeutic music that works with the tiny energy centers within your body with very effective healing results. Flowing zheng (Chinese long zither) is combing your emotions. Soft flute relaxing your mind; erhu ( Chinese fiddle) releasing the pressure of muscles; while wood-qin (Chinese ‘moon guitar’) & di (Chinese transverse flute) would lead you to the sweetest dream. Your Chi and blood will flow more abundantly listening these melodies.

01 – 天地靈氣 Spirit of Heaven & Earth …7:35
02 – 凝神 Calming Your Mind …10:09
03 – 氣動 Moving of Chi …9:52
04 – 心有靈犀 Inspirations Between Us …7:26
05 – 舒暢 Breaths of Cells …6:23
06 – 平衡之心 Heart of Balance …7:40

Music for Health Mind and Body (身心灵健康音乐系列) (2001-2004) (5CD) [New Age]
Music for Health Mind and Body (身心灵健康音乐系列) (2001-2004) (5CD) [New Age]
Music for Health Mind and Body (身心灵健康音乐系列) (2001-2004) (5CD) [New Age]
Music for Health Mind and Body (身心灵健康音乐系列) (2001-2004) (5CD) [New Age]

TCD-3167 – Wang Xu-dong – Chinese Massage For Heart (心灵推拿) (2001)

Adopting the wisdom of Chinese massage, this album is designed to be a musical massage to press the right spots in your mind, to sooth your tense muscles and to let your spiritual power flow. The flowing Er-hu (Chinese fiddle) and cello will first relax your body, and then the flute and Pipa (Chinese lute) will clarify your emotions. While the excited Gu-zheng (Chinese long zither) press almost every energy center of your brain to empower you. Do you need a Chinese massage master? The mindful healing is right here and now!

01 – 日精月華 The Sun and Moon’s Essence …8:43
02 – 意守 Holding Your Mind …8:49
03 – 元氣 Flow …8:34
04 – 身如雲 Moving Like a Cloud …10:11
05 – 心安神寧 Pacifying Your Heart …11:05

TCD-3169 – Wang Xu-dong – Sleep For Body and Soul (心靈舒眠) (2001)

Sleep is the fountainhead of vitality. However, loss of sleep can occur when one is under too much pressure. When that happens, the important thing is to find a way to relieve pressure and put your mind at ease. This album is a marriage of music with the principles of Chinese medicine in treating sleeplessness. In the album one hears various Chinese musical instruments that produce ethereal and flowing sounds. The music, effortless and mellow, combined with rhythms that help calm the spirit, will help release all pressure, putting an end to long and sleepless nights.

01 – 夜色如水 Cool Night …9:20
02 – 靈氣養心 Nature …9:22
03 – 月光浴 Moonbathing …9:43
04 – 神清氣和 Clear and Calm …7:49
05 – 無夢 Not a Dream …10:39

TCD-3170 – Wang Xu-dong – Musical Nutrition (心灵清汤) (2002)

01 – 風清雲淡 Clear Wind …9:42
02 – 飄香 Soft Clouds …7:26
03 – 無思 Fragrance Drifting …11:27
04 – 中氣流轉 No Thoughts …7:13
05 – 真滋味 Flowing of Middle Chi …7:44
06 – 小憩 True Taste …7:35

TCD-3171 – Xu Qing-yuan – Tai Chi Images (意象太極) (2004)

Inspired by the wisdom of Tai Chi, this album brings you the spontaneous joy of the Chinese exercise-regime and Taoist meditation. Various composers composed melodies after they truly experienced Tai Chi Dao-yin’s motions, stillness, and chi’s flowing. Chinese instruments such as flute, guzheng, pipa stream out with electric synthesizer to create a unique eastern New Age spirit. The subtly changing images of clouds, mountains, rivers and sea will finally bring you nature’s ‘Reiki’ (chi) that nourishes and integrates your body, mind and soul.

01 – 天地無極 The Void …5:16
02 – 雲行水流 Flowing Water …5:04
03 – 日月光 Sun Moon Light …5:46
04 – 海的呼吸 Breathing of Ocean …7:48
05 – 如風似嶽 As Wind As Mountain …3:41
06 – 宇宙一氣 The Universe Is One Breath …6:50
07 – 靈氣飛天 Ling Qi Fei Tian …6:59
08 – 太極行 Taiji Xing …13:22


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