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Keiko Matsui – Discography (1987-2013) [29CD] [Smooth Jazz/New Age]


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Keiko Matsui (松居慶子), born in Tokyo as Keiko Doi, is a Japanese Smooth Jazz/New Age/Chill-out music keyboardist and composer whose career spans three decades, during which time she has released twenty CDs (in addition to various compilations) and has received international acclaim.

Matsui received the Oasis award for Best Female Smooth Jazz Artist of the Year in 1999 and again in 2000. In 2001, Matsui’s first album with Narada, Deep Blue, finally took her to the number one spot on Billboard’s Top Contemporary Jazz Albums chart and held the position for three weeks.

Matsui’s music is powerful and introspective, blending both Western and Eastern musical influences. She has a very spiritual view of composing music, feeling out each composition as though it were, in her words, “coming to me from another space, another dimension,” and “catching notes from the silence and then simply placing them together”. Matsui sees music as “the great gifts from the human souls from the past, for the children of the future”. She believes that music has a power to bring people together and change their lives. “We are connected by music,” Matsui wrote, “as the Ocean connects the continents”.  (Wikipedia)

Keiko Matsui - Discography (1987-2013) [29CD] [Smooth Jazz/New Age]
Keiko Matsui – Discography (1987-2013) [29CD] [Smooth Jazz/New Age]
Keiko Matsui - Discography (1987-2013) [29CD] [Smooth Jazz/New Age]
Keiko Matsui – Discography (1987-2013) [29CD] [Smooth Jazz/New Age]

1987 – A Drop Of Water
1987 – A Drop of Water (2003 Remastered USA)
1989 – Under Northern Lights
1990 – No borders
1991 – Night Waltz
1992 – Cherry Blossom
1994 – Doll
1995 – Sapphire
1996 – Dream Walk
1997 – A Gift Of Hope (Single)
1997 – Keiko Matsui Collection
1998 – Full Moon and the Shrine
1999 – Keiko Matsui Live
2000 – Hidamari no Ki (OST)
2000 – Whisper From The Mirror
2001 – A Gift Of Life (Single)
2001 – Deep Blue
2001 – Deep Blue (Japan 2005)
2001 – Glances Of The Past
2002 – The Ring
2003 – The Piano
2003 – White Owl
2004 – The Very Best of Keiko Matsui
2004 – Wildflower
2005 – The Best Of
2005 – Walls Of Akendora
2007 – Moyo
2011 – The Road… (USA Shanachie)
2013 – Soul Quest

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