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Kang Qiao – Music & Meditation (心靈養生音樂系列) (1998-2001) [6CD] [New Age/Meditative]


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Music & Meditation – The purpose of this series is to bring relief to the listener’s body and mind, and further to set astir the potentials and energies that lie inert in the body. Present here are pieces of music portraying either the philosophy of life of the great Chinese thinker Chuang Tzu, or the wisdom of Yi-ching. The music of this series offers you a place where you may escape the constraints of life and enjoy a dialogue with nature and pure mind. (Windmusic)

中文名称:心靈養生音樂系列 6CD
製作人:康喬 Kang Qiao

Kang Qiao - Music & Meditation (心靈養生音樂系列) (1998-2001) [6CD] [New Age/Meditative]
Kang Qiao – Music & Meditation (心靈養生音樂系列) (1998-2001) [6CD] [New Age/Meditative]


Kang Qiao – The Way Of Life (逍遙遊 Tiêu Diêu Du) (1998) [APE]

Presented here are six pieces of music portraying the philosophy of life of the great Chinese thinker Chuang Tzu. Six little phrases of wisdom aim at awakening your inner desire to live free and easy. Fettered by the restrictions of manners, choked by the confining civilization, or pressed by the tightened modern way of life, do you not yearn for a simple living that is free from any kind of restriction ? Our music offers you a place where you may escape the constraints of life and enjoy a dialogue with nature and pure mind. An unfettered mind, thus an unrestrained freedom.

01.莊周夢蝶 Chuang Chou Dreaming A Butterfly
Trang Chu Mộng Điệp
02.逍遙遊 Free And Easy Wandering
Tiêu Diêu Du
03.坐忘 Forgetting
Tọa Vong
04.漁父 The Fisherman
Ngư Phủ
05.心齋 Fasting Of The Mind
Tâm Trai
06.子非魚 Thou Art Not Fish
Tử Phi Ngư

Kang Qiao – The Circle of Nature (風雲巽 Phong Vân Tốn) (1998) [APE]

Life is simple but life is eternal. Life is full of changes, yet it never changes. Two antagonistic and at the same time complementary forces say it all about life and nature. Embodied in Yi-ching ( or the Book of Change) is a wisdom that manifests life as simple, innocent, and natural. You will hear in this album one of the most treasured spiritual talk of human beings. Allow it to lead you to a realm of eternity and enjoyment of life.

01.元亨利真 The Grand Genesis
Nguyên Hanh Lợi Chân
02.覆霜 Treading On Frost
Phú Sương
03.飛龍在天 The Dragon Spread Its Wings
Phi Long Tại Thiên
04.風雲巽 The Wind And The Clouds
Phong Vân Tốn
05.天地之心 The Mind Of Heaven And Earth
Thiên Địa Chi Tâm
06.萬物皆相見 All Things Revealed
Vạn Vật Giai Tương Kiến

Kang Qiao – Back To Nature (歸去來兮 Quy Khứ Lai Hề) (1999) [APE]

Like Thoreau, in China there was the classic pastoral poet TAO China, who renounced his governmental position to return to the country land.
This music inspired by his poetry ‘Country of Peach Flowers’ is full of wonder of nature. Various eastern instruments mixed with the rhythm of river, wings of birds and intoxicating rains, bringing you closer to the fragrant earth. Reach out your hand, for now the melody is taking you back to Nature, back to Life.

01.桃花源記 Country Of Peach Flowers
Đào Hoa Nguyên Kí
02.歸去來兮 Home Coming
Quy Khứ Lai Hề
03.林泉聽鳥 Wings Of Heart
Lâm Tuyền Thính Điểu
04.悠然心 Crowded City
Du Nhiên Tâm
05.連雨獨飲 Remote Heart
Liên Vũ Độc Ẩm
06.迎風 Wine Of Rain
Nghênh Phong
07.閑情賦 Taking To The Winds
Nhàn Tình Phú
08.神釋 Loose To Win
Thần Thích
09.菊仙 (Zen) Your Life
Cúc Tiên
10.歸園田居 Picking Up Chrysanthemums
Quy Viên Điền Cư

Kang Qiao – Return To Your Heart (非常道 Phi Thường Đạo) (1999) [APE]

The greatest image is invisible, for it is the world itself. The greatest sound is unspeakable, for it is nature itself. This is Lao Tzu’s wisdom of Tao–the law of nature. Whirling wind, giant trees, flowing sky and the tender earth are not something out there, but within the inner universe of you. Escape from all the noisy music and sensationalism, and let yourself flow into this great sound of Tao. Let it be. Let yourself return to your heart.

01.非常道 The Unspeakable
Phi Thường Đạo
02.嬰兒心 Infantile Innocence
Anh Nhi Tâm
03.飄風驟雨 Return To Your Heart
Phiêu Phong Sậu Vũ
04.水之柔 Watery Tenderness
Thủy Chi Nhu
05.天清地寧 Sky Fits Earth
Thiên Thanh Địa Ninh
06.無私 Circle Of Yin & Yang
Vô Tư

Kang Qiao – Art Of Living (浮生 Phù Sinh) (2000) [APE]

Inspired by Chinese famous literary work ‘Six Records of Dream-like Life’, this album creates a world of Chinese Zen that penetrates both traditional and modern people’s life. Art of living, simple but subtle tastes of life, landscape of nature and the secrets to maintain one’s health are all expressed by the musician in a lively and humanely humorous way. In My Cup of Tea, Kang Qiao sings with a deep tender voice that tastes like a Zen-flavored tea. In Summer Cicadas, he presents cicadas’ amazing chorus recorded in Beijing. Right here and now, you can enjoy a forever new art of living.

01.浮生 Art Of Living
Phù Sinh
02.樂養生 Joyous Regime
Nhạc Dưỡng Sinh
03.茶趣 My Cup Of Tea
Trà Thú
04.聽蟬 Summer Cicadas
Thính Thiền
05.輕羅小扇 Little Silk Fan
Khinh La Tiểu Phiến
06.看魚 Watching The Fish
Khán Ngư
07.玩月 The Moon Had Watched Us
Ngoạn Nguyệt
08.兒時記趣 Fresh Moments Of Childhood
Nhi Thời Kí Thú
09.一葉扁舟輕行 A Thin Boat That Sails Like A Leave
Nhất Diệp Thiên Chu Khinh Hành
10.山水浪遊 Wondering In Mountains And Waters
Sơn Thủy Lãng Du

Kang Qiao – Cloudless (萬里無雲 Vạn Lý Vô Vân) (2001) [APE]

Born in Late Ming Dynasty, Xu Xia-ke is considered one of the greatest Chinese travelers recorded in history. With only very basic equipment, strong will and an optimistic mind, he started a magnificent trip though China Mainland that took half of his life. Along the whole travel, he was always cheerful, curious and sensitive to the scenery he encountered. Walking through all kinds of weather, he constantly saw his sky as a cloudless blue sky and his pathway a fragrant land. If he could travel along his way with such a cloudless mind, why can’t we?

01.万里无云 Vạn Lý Vô Vân
02.山林传说 Sơn Lâm Truyền Thuyết
Legend Of Mountain
03.千山独行 Thiên San Độc Hành
Legend Of Mountain
04.翠微 Thúy Vi
05.雨后天台 Vũ Hậu Thiên Đài
After The Rain
06.清凉心 Thanh Lương Tâm
Cool Mind
07.游子 Du Tử
Starting The Journey
08.天涯 Thiên Nhai
Edge Of The Sky
09.白雪映月 Bạch Tuyết Ánh Nguyệt
Listen To The Snow
10.近乡情 Cận Hương Tình
Back Home

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