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Buddhist Music Played By Piano (1991-1992) [6CD] – Various Artists [Piano/Meditative]


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This special album is a collection of piano music accompanied by electronic-composed background music, more popularized and can be easily understood by Buddhists in general. It is also more suitable for people who have never listened to Buddhist music. In melodies that feature common leisure music, one can easily enter the stately splendid universe of Buddhist music, which draws one closer in connection with Buddha.

专辑名称:佛曲钢琴 礼赞系列6CD
製作人 : 王森地 Wang Sen-di


CD I – Yuan Fu Chao (緣佛抄 Duyên Phật Sao) (1991)

1.前生緣 & 人間願 Tiền Sanh Duyên & Nhân Gian Nguyện
Qián Shēng Yuán & Rén Jiān Yuàn

Buddhist Music Played By Piano (1991-1992) [6CD] - Various Artists [Piano/Meditative]
Buddhist Music Played By Piano (1991-1992) [6CD] – Various Artists [Piano/Meditative]
Buddhist Music Played By Piano (1991-1992) [6CD] - Various Artists [Piano/Meditative]
Buddhist Music Played By Piano (1991-1992) [6CD] – Various Artists [Piano/Meditative]
Buddhist Music Played By Piano (1991-1992) [6CD] - Various Artists [Piano/Meditative]
Buddhist Music Played By Piano (1991-1992) [6CD] – Various Artists [Piano/Meditative]

CD II – Liu Li Fu Zhu (琉璃佛珠 Lưu Ly Phật Châu) (1991)

This special collection initiates a new try by performing Chinese Buddhist music in the western presentation of music with piano and electronic instrument. It aims at describing the very symbol of Buddhists who, with a string of rosary in their hands, count them millions of times so sincerely for the practice of rules of Buddhism, form which they can acquire handy comfort and consignment available whenever and wherever. By listening to such Buddhist music, you may get mutual proof from the simplicity and freedom permeating through it.

1. 古刹晚钟 Cổ Sát Vãn Chung
The Sound Of Bell Emitted In The Evening From An Ancient Temple
2. 弥陀赞 Di Đà Tán
Praise To Amitabha Buddha
3. 三宝歌 Tam Bảo Ca
The Song Of Three Holy Triratna
4. 大雄宝殿 Đại Hùng Bảo Điện
The Jewelled Hall Of Great Hero
5. 忏悔文 Sám Hối Văn
The Verse Of Repentance
6. 佛号拜愿 Phật Hào Bái Nguyện
Bowing And Making Vow Through Reciting The Name Of Buddha

CD III – Embroidered Buddha Image (绣佛 Tú Phật) (1991)

Embroidered Buddha image is Buddha image embroidered on different fabric of cloths. Smooth lines, sophisticated design and contrastive coloration are characteristics of its exquisite craftsmanship. This musical album is produced on this ideal–elegant, sooth-running piano music combined with rich, luxuriant electronic synthesized music resembles the tight-knit, mature fabrication of artistic works.

1. 释迦牟尼颂 Thích Già Mưu Ni Tụng
Hymn For Sakyamuni
2. 叩钟偈 Khấu Chung Kệ
Sacrificial Scripture By Bell-Tolling
3. 青山无语 Thanh San Vô Ngữ
Silence Of The Green Mountain
4. 清净法身佛 Thanh Tịnh Pháp Thân Phật
Purifying The Dharmakaya For Buddha
5. 观音颂 Quan Âm Tụng
Hymn Of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva
6. 地藏颂 Địa Tạng Tụng
Hymn Of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva

CD IV – Buddhist Splendor (佛彩 Phật Thải) (1992)

Mountains Jiao-Hua, Pu-Tuo, O-Mei, and Wu-Tai are the four famous Chinese Buddhist mountains in Mainland China. There are quite a few ancient temples in these mysterious magnificent mountains where the smog of incense hovers year-round. These four mountains scatter over four provinces–Shan-Xi, An-Hui, Si-Chuan and Zhe-Jiang, resembling Buddhas in color ribbons who purify mundane world and lave the mortal mind. It also symbolizes Buddhas’ Splendor which encompasses the world.
The title of this collection ‘Buddhist Splendor’ alludes to the Buddhist splendid glory which the four mountains are bathed in. The clarion sound of piano symbolizes the heavenly and spiritual world and the truth and wisdom of Buddhism. The melodious, mind-laving notes epitomizes the religious preaching of Buddha. Each note enlightens and every tune illuminates.

1.佛上殿 The Buddha Ascending To The Hall
Phật Thượng Điện
2.九華蒼松 The Green Pine On Jiao-Hua Mountain
Cửu Hoa Thương Tùng
3.普陀梵潮 The Waves Besides Po-Tuo Mountain
Phổ Đà Phạm Triều
4.峨嵋佛光 The Buddha’s Light On O-Mei Mountain
Nga Mi Phật Quang
5.五台夕照 The Sunset At Wu-Tai Mountain
Ngũ Đài Tịch Chiếu
6.靜虛吟 The Tune Of Tranquility
Tĩnh Hư Ngâm

CD V – The Theme Of Incense (吟佛香 Ngâm Phật Hương) (1992)

The incense has been used in China and Buddhist ceremony for thousands years. Sakyamuni, the original of the Buddhism, once used the incense as a symbol to indoctrinate his disciples to use the fire of wisdom to ignite the five kinds of spiritual incense in their hearts. Thereafter, Buddhists praise to Buddhas with the incense as well as to symbolize to do self-reflection at the same time.
The six works in this album ‘The Theme of Incense’ includes some creative compositions adapted from the ancient Buddhist tunes which usually be used in the Buddhist assemblies and one readapted work ‘The Sound of Bell in the Evening from an Ancient Temple’ from the original one which won the champion in the 1991 National Traditional Music Contest in China. The solemn and elegant rhythm and the lucid sound of piano might tranqulize your mind and lead you into a spiritual world.

1. 戒定真香 Giới Định Chân Hương
The Incense Of Keeping Precepts And Concentration
2. 八句赞 Bát Cú Tán
Eight-Sentence Praise Of Buddha
3. 娑婆界 Sa Bà Giới
Saha, The Earthy World
4. 水洛因 Thủy Lạc Nhân
5. 准提呪 Chuẩn Đề Chú
The Mantra Of Candi Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva
6. 古刹晚钟 Cổ Sát Vãn Chung
The Sound Of Bell Emitted In The Evening From An Ancient Temple

CD VI – The Glory Of Buddha (靈山佛影 Linh San Phật Ảnh) (1992)

Buddhist music has been introduced into China for more than a thousand years followed with Buddhism. After centuries of developmental changes and cultural influences, Buddhist music has become a musical at with integrity and maturity.
Most of the tunes collected in this CD are rearranged from those handed down by Buddhist religion and prevalent in Taiwan. Originally, these tunes are recited with lyrics by Buddhists to praise the Buddhas or to dedicate to Buddhist essence, these tunes performed mainly by piano and some with synthesizer denote the Buddhist spirit perfectly. The melodious, mind-laving notes epitomizes the religious preaching of Buddhas. Each note enlightens and every tune illuminates.

1.小五方 Praise To Buddhas In Five Directions
Tiểu Ngũ Phương
2.心經 The Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra
Tâm Kinh
3.地藏頌 Praise Of Ksitigarbha Budhisattva
Địa Tạng Tụng
4.南柯夢 Worldly Dream
Nam Kha Mộng
5.香花燈塗果 Dedications To Buddhas
Hương Hoa Đăng Đồ Quả
6.釋迦牟尼頌 Praise Of Sakyamuni
Thích Già Mưu Ni Tụng




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