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A Collection of Music Played on the Erhu (1992) [10CD] [VA – Erhu/Folk]


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专辑中文名: 中国音乐大全·二胡卷 10CD
专辑英文名: A Collection of Music Played on the Erhu
艺术家: Various Artists
音乐类型: 民乐
资源格式: FLAC
发行时间: 1992年

A Collection of Music Played on the Erhu (1992) [10CD] [VA - Erhu/Folk]
A Collection of Music Played on the Erhu (1992) [10CD] [VA – Erhu/Folk]
A Collection of Music Played on the Erhu (1992) [10CD] [VA - Erhu/Folk]
A Collection of Music Played on the Erhu (1992) [10CD] [VA – Erhu/Folk]

CD1 An Album of Liu Tianhua’s Works
01. Reciting in Sickness
02. Night with Moon
03. Chant of Depression
04. Lament
05. Ballan of New Year’s Eve
06. Reciting in Leisure
07. Birds Sing in Tranquil Valley
08. Marching on the Bright Road
09. Air on One String
10. Candle Light in Red

CD2 Hua Yanjun, Liu Tianhua, Jiang Fengzhi pieces
01. A Moon Mirrored In The 2nd Spring
02. Whisper Of The Pine Trees
03. Chilly Wind Of The Early Spring
04. A Moon Mirrored In The 2nd Spring
05. Three Precious Buddas
06. Farewell In Three Refrains
07. Fall Moon In Han’s Palace
08. Moon Over Guan Mountain
09. Grievence Of Zhaojun

CD3 Min Huifen recital
01.Great Wall Capriccio
02. The River Water
03. Delivering the Public Grain Happily
04. Leaving One’s Newly Married Bride for Being Conscribed

CD4 Wang Guotong recital
01.Northern Henan Ballad
02. Sanmen Gorge Rhapsody
03. Galloping in the Boundless Grassland
04. Unyielded Su Wu

CD5 Jiang Jianhua album
01. Song of Emancipation
02. Variations From a Theme of Qinqiang Opera
03. The Hopes of the Honghu Lake People
04. Spring Poem
05. Red Plum Capriccio
06. Horse Race
07. A Folk Song of Shilidun Mould

CD6 Chen Yaoxing, Xu Jiangde (Erhu solos)
01.Battle Steeds Galloping Ahead
02. Expressing One’s Aspiration in Nothern Shaanxi
03. A Happy Song in the Country of Rivers and Lakes
04. A Shadow
05. Ode to Jinzhumami
06. Singing a Joyful Song for Bumper Harvest
07. Connected Closely as Fish and Water
08. Lamenting With White Flowers
09. The Gardens Are All in Bloom
10. Fishman’s Happy Song

CD7 Jiang Cairu, Zhu Changyao (Erhu solos)
01.Flowers Banked River Under the Moon of Spring River
02. Boatman’s Song on the Chuanjiang River
03. Joyful Village of the Yi
04. There is a Golden Sun in Beijing
05. Sunan Ditty
06. Scenery of Spring in Jiangnan
07. The Shepherdess
08. Anchoring Near the Maple Bridge at Night

CD8 Various Erhu Players And Pieces
01. Song of Wandering
02. Shandong Ditty
03. On the Grasslands
04. Song of Nostalgia
05. South Wind Song
06. Little Flower-Drum
07. Mihu Tune [sic]
08. Murmuring the Surging Sprays
09. A Horses Boy-Herder
10. The Grapes are Ripe
11. The Accent of One’s Native Place

CD9 Various Erhu Players And Pieces
01.The Vicissitude of the Mountain Village
02. Going to a Fair
03. Busy Spring Ploughing
04. Joyful Mountain Village
05. Bumper Harvest
06. Fly Rests on a Window
07. Folk Song
08. In Style of Bangzi
09. Happy Herdsman
10. Henan Ditty
11. Willows Swing in Spring Wind
12. New Herdsman on the Grasslands
13. Happily See Billowing Wheat Fields

CD10 Various Erhu Players And Pieces
01. A Spray of Flower
02. A Tune of Pingtan
03. Slow Three Six
04. Waves of Hanjiang River
05. Red Army Man Returns Home
06. Melismatic Joyful Song
07. Camel Driving
08. A Night of Frontier Fortress
09. Lanhuahua Ballade




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